8.22.14: This small village, located in Western New York, weaves old urbanism to the edge of a beautiful lake. During the summer folks gather to take part in a magical summer experience focused on spirituality, education and community. Where am I? (Hint: it is NOT Chautauqua!)

140815 Friday Photo Opt2

8.15.14: While wandering out from our hotel in London I was struck by the contrast of this spectacular piece of contemporary residential design set amidst historic properties. Facing Hyde Park the building is really a series of residential towers with inter-linking stair and elevator cores that are both transparent, and create pedestrian passages from the main street into the Park.

14088 Friday Photo

8.8.14 This vibrant waterfront/ surftown defines the essence of tapas (although called pintxos here).  An interesting case study in maintaining density in a focused core area which has allowed the town’s edges to remain as open space for centuries.  Today the town accommodates 200,000 people but creates a vibrant, economically strong, fine grained street scene in its core.

8.1.14 Spain

8.1.14 This iconic piece of architecture (with signature bridge behind) re-branded an entire city and solidified the architect’s career as an innovator, leading to many high profile commissions.  While I was told there was not much else to see beyond this famous museum, its host city was much more interesting than led to believe and worthy of an extra day in our trip just to explore its water front and great urban design.

Answer Key:
8.22.14: Lilydale, New York
8.15.14: One Hyde Park, London
8.8.14 San Sebastian, Spain
8.1.14 Bilbao, Spain